Monday, 29 June 2015

Even trusting your known can be dangerous in India!

What is happening to India? Or should I ask what is happening to human kind... Every time we pick up a newspaper we see it flooded with crimes. If we are not killing humans then we are killing animals and even mother nature.

Our lives are getting so corrupt, so defenceless and insecure. You do not know what will happen next. Having a little money or little fame is the  most dangerous thing today. One might think how come suddenly I am getting so philosophical and emotional today, well there is a reason.
Only recently, someone I knew was murdered in their own home in broad daylight. Yes the incidence is specifically from North, where although everyone say situation is improving but it doesn't seem like. Well, rest of India or say world is no better these days. Everyone is scared to open their doors even in the morning, you never know what will happen. And same happened with someone I knew. 
She was the most generous woman and her daughter was a bliss to life. I have never seen her complain about anything and she always smiled & helped others. Her husband is the kindest man. 
However, just being good and generous is not enough in today's world, she was murdered anyway along with her daughter. And by no other but her own next of kin, and would you dare guess the reason? The reason was nothing else but money and greed. 
Yes, India is not safe, and yes we don't open doors of our houses for strangers but should now be a situation that we don't let our families in? Well I guess we should because you don't know what will happen next.
I am appalled and massively distressed ever since this happened, I can't even imagine what her husband and other children must be going through.

Yes I am depressed but I am right to be. I am not sure what can we do. The police and government can't control everything. People blame police but how can police know what goes on in a household. Well, if the harsh truth is to be told, this is the naked truth of not just India but also of world, no one is safe anywhere now. You just can't know what will happen next. 

If we think of solutions there are none. There is a huge percentage of human population who considers money over everything. They wont shy away from killing anyone, not even infants. Well, we are so deep in shit that I don't think that even God himself can help us. All we can do is now is pray that before any mass extinction calamity, human race just do not eat and eradicate each other...

May God be with us...

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