Thursday, 13 August 2015

Poem - A Silent Breeze

#MyPoems  #SilentBreeze

She sat there listening to the silent breeze
A breeze that tangled her hair
She knew she has to go
But she just couldn't decide where

As loneliness crept her heart
Tears trickled down her face
So much pain, so many memories
She only wished she could erase

She sat there listening to the silent breeze
As she enveloped it in her palms
Its gentle touch gave her strength
It gave her sense and some calm

With a deep breath she stood up
Ready to face the world from which ran
But does it really have to be that way
Can't she just start over and have a new plan?

"Let's run away" her heart said
For there is nothing in your world except the hate
But she can't run, she can't hide
For it's her destiny to suffocate...

~Kritika Gupta Sharma 


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