Monday, 24 August 2015

Fantastic Four Movie: My Reviews and thoughts

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Ahh... what a disappointment... I was so excited when I saw the promo earlier but the movie is
nothing as per expectations...

The movie is very different from its original plot which is kind of interesting. The way they work around finding the new dimension is good but apart from that it has no charm. 
The beginning definitely looks promising however from the middle, especially when they all get their powers, it gets on the downside.

The movie has various angles to it and at few points they talk about how everything has a pattern however, in the movie itself there is no significant pattern visible, especially after a point. Things happen without any significance. Also the plot gets really predictable and weak. 

The 4 main characters aka fantastic four do not do justice to the original combo in 2005 (well, whether that one was good or not is a separate topic of discussion). Yes the purpose was to show really young people, but the acting and effort is bad. It feels like that few kids have been put together and asked to read lines in some play or act

Also the villain of the movie, the big bad super villain, has no significance. How is he created, how he survives and why is he like this, nothing is answered. Suddenly he crops out of no where and starts killing. Also this big bad scary villain is defeated without a significant effort. In these movies you expect more action, planning and drama, instead whole sequence ended in like 10 minutes, which is a huge disappointment.

The movie serves as a base for upcoming parts, which I hope will be much better than this one. 

All in all, if you are a fantastic four fan or a real big super hero fan, this is the movie for you. For rest of us, not so much

My rating - 1.5/5

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