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Book Review: Right Here Right Now by Nikita Singh

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Title: Right Here Right Now
Author: Nikita Singh
Publisher: Penguin Publishers
Pages: 232
Price: Rs. 121
My Rating: 3.5/5

Right Here Right Now is a story of a seventeen year old girl Kalindi who wakes up in a hospital having no recollection of how she got there. She gets to know that she had been in an accident and her whole memory has been wiped clean due to that.

Kalinidi has lost all the seventeen years of her memories and she begins her life a new while trying to absorb her life through bits and pieces delivered to her through her parents, friends and her boyfriend. But she is having a hard time accepting who she was. Also, no one knows what happened to her.

Will she be able to live a peaceful and happy present and future ignoring her past?

Right Here Right Now in one word is an easy read. The reason I picked up this book was the tag-line and the photo of an innocent girl on the cover page. I expected it to be a thriller drama but it turned out to be a teen romance, anyways no harm done, I like teen drama too

In terms of story and plot, it is interesting although I wont call it unique because there are many movies on same but this story is written a differently. It is an easy read and I say it because one can read it one sitting and not feel bored. The story is light and keeps on building. 

The characters are nicely woven, I liked the character of Harsh who, although is just a teenager, sees world in totally different ways. The relation between Kalindi and her mother is also beautiful.

My rating for the book is 3.5/5 because of few cons.To start with, if you are quickly reading the book, you would have to stop and re-read some sentences. The reason of accident and memory loss are left in hanging, the readers deserved to know how it happened, but it was never revealed. Also the ending, oh the ending was very abrupt. The love story of Kalindi and Harsh should have been explored more. At one point they are friends and next they are confessing, it felt incomplete.

Anyhow, it is a pretty nice, easy and quick read and I loved reading it. Hope you enjoy too

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