Friday, 1 January 2016

Bye Bye 2015 & Welcome 2016... Let's make some resolutions

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Wow, another good long year passed and for some it was good and for some maybe bad. Well for me, it was a mix of good and bad... not able to decide which side I am more inclined... umm lets be positive and say it was good :)

Couple of good things happened to me last year... to start with I became a published author under my own name... Yay... it is one of the best accomplishments... Also, I started and managed to keep up with my blog (mostly). On other front, came back to India, got promoted, spent awesome time with my family and so on - and so forth...
On bad things, yes some pretty bad stuff happened too... mmm, I would rather forget it instead of writing here...

I hope you too are doing the same thing. What ever happened in 2015 - happened. Let's just forget it and move on... Well if we will not do so and keep on dangling on them then their reflections will affect all good things in 2016 as well. And we don't want to ruin our 2016 now, do we?

So, come now. Join me... and make a resolution... Only remember good things from 2015 and take them on and make a beautiful 2016. 

I am not sure about others but I also have one more personal resolution, which I hope I would be able to achieve... to fix up my schedule and wake up and sleep on time... Yeah yeah, it is very important to have a schedule and I myself have written a post dictating importance of sleep schedule but once it is ruined it is very difficult to maintain - especially when you have a demanding job. It is easier said that done, but I do hope to achieve it. Well my hubby achieved it in 2010 by making a resolution, I hope I can match up his strong will.

Anyway, enough about me. Why don't you share some of your resolutions? Maybe we all can achieve them together :)

Wishing you a very happy new year.

Take Good Care


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