Sunday, 30 October 2016

Ban the Malls, Go buy from some NGO

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Ban the 'Malls' this Diwali and go buy from NGOs. 

It is not the NGO that came, 
just borrowed the pic from Google
My husband's company hosted a NGO in his office where they sold self-made candles, potpourri, diyas, rangoli colors and much more... My husband being him, bought a lot of stuff and came back home. Yes, some were decently priced and some were expensive but the smile of satisfaction & happiness he had on his face was priceless for me. I can also imagine the smiles this would have brought on the faces of kids of that NGO.

We all want to do something for the society and that day he actually did. And I couldn't be happier or more proud. 

I hope we all ban malls on such occasions and find time to go spend some money with such NGOs and do a good deed. After all, these are also someone's kids and deserve equal happiness.

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Happy Diwali to all.

Love & Cheers


  1. I have been doing that every year.
    I am a part of a Mommy group called JAMMs & we are doing this initiative to collect 910 sarees and give them to less-fortunate ladies.
    Join us or help spread the word:
    #DrapeASmile #Diwali #SocialInitiative #WomanEmpowerment
    Event: Drape a Smile, Initiative by JAMMs
    Target: 910 sarees before 14th Nov. Initiative: Donate to the less-fortunate ladies.
    Find the nearest drop point, donate your 6yards drapes.
    I have collected some. Can you spare some too?
    Glad to be part of JAMMs :)

    1. Hi Nilima
      Would love to but I am based in Gurgaon. lets connect separately to see how it can be done.

  2. A nice thought. But in India another fact is that many of the NGOs are scams, or fronts to hide many illegal activities

    1. Agreed Sir, but there are many which are genuine and need help.
      We should look for them...


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