Saturday, 5 November 2016

A letter to Zindagi - You were harsh but you made it worthwhile...

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Dear Zindagi

Growing up you were so harsh... with parents always away, you kept us surrounded with weird relatives who, if I recall properly, didn't give a damn about us. I still remember those days, coming back from school, eating stale cold lunch and then studying in anticipation mom will come back soon. I remember praying to fall sick so that mom will take a day off with me and will be there just for me... well why crib now as all this is in the past. And no matter what happened back then, I am still grateful to you for everything you have given as well. 

To start with I thank you for giving me a baby brother when I was ten. He brought a new sense of purpose in my life. The only reason why I wanted to get back to my home. Thank you for giving me a reason to protect and love someone like I have never loved and protected anyone. You gave me sense of responsibility and maturity.

Later you gave me a good college and lovely friends. You know how I made no friends in school, yes it is a tragic thing but girls were mean there and I am glad I made none. But in college you gave me awesome time where I could be me and made the best of friends with whom I am still in touch and love.

You also gave me a good job, that too at college placement and I still can't believe that I alone got placed. You not only made me do good there but also helped me find the man I truly love and adore. And much to my surprise, he reciprocated the feelings and despite all my flaws and darkness, he is with me for eight years now. Thanks to you I will have him forever and I cherish him everyday of my life.

You also laid down path for me and helped me be a writer. Sadly I not as successful I had dreamed but it is work in progress and I am sure you will work some miracles soon, LOL!

Now when I look back I realize that yes, you have been extremely harsh at times. I could barely make friends or relate to people growing up. You kept me so introvert that even writing this makes me nervous but I am grateful. I am thankful to you for shaping my life in such a way and if ever got a chance, I wont change a bit about you from the past because you made me what I am today. All the distress and the tiresome tests have made me a better person and I am happy. 

Thank you for giving me a happy and content today and hopefully a better future. I am glad to be living the way I have always dreamed of and all thanks to you my Zindagi. Have you turned back on me, I don't know where I would be... 

I believe it is rightfully said, when life takes you through hell, just keep going... you never know where you might end up. Well, I ended up in my self-made heaven,  I hope you give the same to everyone too.

PS:  I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda

Love & Cheers


  1. Wow, it started so bad for you but I am glad it turned out to be good.
    Enjoy life :)

  2. While reading the entries, I am awed by the various challenges faced by everyone. Wish you all the best Kritika

  3. Thanks Farida. Wish you the same.
    Cheers :)

  4. Wish you love and luck...We all go through ups and downs in life and still we search for positive things in life.

  5. Thanks for the comment & read Dipannita.
    I agree with your point :)


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