Thursday, 30 March 2017

Kids Book: Moral Stories That Enlighten - Everyday stories for kids


Title:  Kids Book: Moral Stories That Enlighten
Author: Nishant Joshi
Publisher: Self
Pages: 73
Price: Rs. 49
My Rating: 3.5/5


This book is a collection of 31 moral stories which are unique and will appeal to you whether you are a child or a grown up or an elder. Each story ends with a powerful message which may be interpreted differently by different people and will definitely help you expand the horizons of your mind.

If we look at the present scenario, there is a climate of war that has engulfed our planet, women are not safe and poor people are generally deprived of their rights. All these problems arise because our morals are not intact.

This book serves as a solution to this problem as it guides us on the correct path by enlightening us with age old morals interlaced with new age stories. I hope you will be able to imbibe the morals and most importantly apply them in your day to day life.

After reading romance, thrill, crime (well almost all genres) reading a kids' book was rather refreshing. It contains almost all types of moral stories which  are very important for kids to know.

What I liked is how they are small and simple giving wise message in the end.

What I didn't like was the usage of random big words that need immediate look-up. Given its a children's book, they are not needed. We don't need little ones to jump on such vocab so soon.

What is missing is pictures. Pictures engage kids. I hope author will add images in next one.

The stories are:
1.The Two Flags
2.A Snail In The Forest
3.The Two Slippers
4.The Two Teeth
5.The Two Billionaires
6.How Vishnu Demolished Parashurama’s Ego
7.Equality Or Liberty
8.How A Man Taught Young Kids The Importance Of Charity
9.The Two Knives
10.The Components Of Computer
11.The Kind Man And The Sefish Man
12.The Cat And The Dog
13.My Flipkart Gift
14.The Lotus And The Rose
15.The Two Clocks
16.A Tale Of Two Mosquitoes
17.The Two Brothers
18.The Apple And The Mango
19.The Big Mango Tree And The Small Mango Plant
20.The Two Friends
21.The Two Families
22.God And The Demon
23.The Four Pillows
24.The Passionate Friend
25.The Colour Story
26.The Shopkeeper And The Billionaire
27.The Mighty Lion
28.From Ignorance To Enlightenment
29.Intelligence Is A Subset Of Wisdom
30.The Two Frogs
31.The Toffee And The Wrapper

My overall rating 3.5/5. Grab it from Amazon and let your kids learn some moral stories.

Love and Cheers.

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