Friday, 10 March 2017

The Fun in Space


Colgate did it again. Last time they came up with Sea adventure and this time they have come up with 'Space adventure' and both times my Dwij (my sister's kid, FYI) simply loved them... In this post I am not going to write any gyaan (like I did in previous Colgate post), instead I am going to narrate how he enjoyed the adventure.

Talk about coincidence, the day before I received the packs Dwij was talking about how he wants to be an astronaut and visit all the cool planets in the universe. And the Colgate space adventure pack simply delighted him.

When I showed him the packs he instantly named all the characters. To start with the male astronaut is Dwij, 4 years old and female astronaut is his friend Gauri (whom he calls Gori, LOL). Much to my happiness he was able to recognize all the planets instantly and loved to learn about comets and other interesting things given in the packs. It took us sometime to set up all the characters but the moment we did he fired up with stories. Below are a few stories he cooked up.

Dwij and his adventure
Dwij: "Gori and I are going to Neptune..."
Me" "Why do you want to go there?"
Dwij: "Because it is faaaar away and I want to see entire Solar system"
Me: "But it is very cold there... and why not to Pluto?"
Dwij: "Arre mausi, I will take mota sweater no... and don't worry I will bring Pluto for  you." (Pluto for him is mickey mouse's dog, LOL"

Spider Man to the rescue
Dwij: "We have landed on Neptune but aliens have attacked us... Aaahhhhhhhhhh.......... Run........... 
They have taken Gori, I will fight them. Oh my Gun doesn't work... Help! Help!"
Me: "Did anyone came for help?"
Dwij: "Yes spider man..." 
(You can see spider man fighting off aliens in the photograph)


Planning next mission
Me: "Spider man saved Gauri, what do you both do now?"
Dwij: "We fly in the space and have tails" (i.e. him referring to the photograph of the 2 astronauts roaming in the space attached to the cable)
Me: "It is a cable pagal, how can you develop tails?"
Dwij: "Aliens gave them to us. They bit us. Now we can fly and go to any planet"
Me: "Oh Ok. Which is the next planet you want to go to?"
Dwij: "Mercury"
Me: "Its too hot on mercury betu. You will burn..."
Dwij: "No mausi, I will take AC with me. It will be cool" 
Me: rolling on floor laughing at his cute innocence.

Above were a few small, simple but innocent and interesting conversations I had with a four year old and there were many more...

I thank Colgate for sending me those packs using which I had a memorable evening with my nephew. I hope you buy the pack too and have same with your dear kids as well.

I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

Love and Cheers

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