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Book - The Flame of Anahata - Romantic Thriller that's worth a Read


Title: The Flame of Anahata
Author: Saranya Umakanthan
Publisher: General Press
Pages: 235
Price: Rs. 125
My Rating: 4/5

"They turned to see his tears of love wiping away her blood of agony..."
Diya throws Suraj's proposal back in his face, leaving him broken-hearted. Why would she do so when she loved him desperately?
Suraj finds his Guruji unconscious beside a cave clutching the warrior Indrajith's diary. His heart-rending love story then unfolds. Being trapped in a web of emotions, Indrajith endured the pain of his lost love, hurting himself and trampled Deepali's hope for his adopted brother... Who was he?
Sealed for centuries and holding the Mann-Parivarthana astra, the cave is besieged by evil now. But all attempts to unlock it go futile. Faced with baffling hints, Suraj's intelligence is sorely tested. What is the potent power required to break through that Paanch-Dost-Gupha?
Will the fire of love ever flicker in the hearts of Diya and Suraj?

A romantic thriller that's worth reading.

Understanding love is very difficult, and holding on to it is even more challenging. As can be understood from the blurb, Indarjeet faces the same in his life...

The story is written in two folds, past and present and it is very interesting to see how they both intertwine. The era changes with chapter but the demarcation is very clear and one does not gets confused. There is mystery, thrill and romance - which makes it worth reading.

The book is second part of 'Comeback Warrior Trilogy' and although I did not read first part, I did not feel like I am missing something - which is a good thing and bad. Good because you don't need to depend on first book to get on second, bad because what is the point of having a triology when there is no link. Anyways, this one is good and maybe I will up first part as well.

Talking about characters, all are well written and well linked. Author has a done a good job in defining characters from both eras.

Overall it is a pretty good read. Although what I couldn't understand is the cover. The cover holds picture of a girl, however there is no significant relation to the story. My first thought was the girl is 'Anahata' but that's not the case. Anahata has much deeper meaning in the story.

My rating to the book is 4/5.

Hope you like the book too.

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  1. Hm...somehow, these days, I'm tired of romantic novels. But, that the author has entwined the past and present here, has piqued my interest.

  2. From ReView, it Seems Good Book...But have read 1st part afterwards?? how is it?

    1. Hi Vishal
      no, i haven't read the first one...


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