Monday 12 March 2018

Meet Rajesh Talwar: Author who works in United Nations and writes on social causes

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  • Hi Rajesh, please tell us something about yourself.

I practiced law for many years before joining the United Nations. I found many stories in the court environment. At the time, I wrote extensively for various newspapers such as The Economic Times, The Pioneer, The Patriot and so on. I also started writing self-help legal books during that period. Writing is an addiction. It’s a rare day when I don’t write. I’m based in Kabul currently and have lived and worked all over the world.

  • You have written so many books over social issues. Any specific reason for writing on such issues?

I think it’s important for writers to engage with their society.  As a lawyer I was involved in social issues. I worked for some time with a group working on HIV/AIDS issues, so it was natural to pen a play on the subject. This is available on Amazon under the title HIGH FIDELITY TRANSMISSION. At the courts I saw dowry death trials and it was natural to write a play on that issue as well, available as THE BRIDE WHO WOULD NOT BURN.  Although I write on social issues, I try not to write serious, depressing stuff. The dowry play is a comedy.

  • Do you have any favourite book amongst the one you have written? Please let us know why it is your favourite book.

Juggernaut published ‘How to Kill a Billionaire’ on its mobile app. It has yet to come out in a print version. It is my favourite book because the characters are really true to life. The novel is simultaneously a literary work, a thriller and a satire. Please see at:

  • You have written 2 books for children, can you share something about them?

‘The Three Greens’ is a book about three Indian children who decide they will solve mysteries, not ordinary mysteries but ‘enviro-mysteries’.  My second children’s book is titled ‘The Bearded Prince’ targeted at an older child. It is set in Ancient India and is about Princess Roopali and her swayamvara.

Please see video link to Youtube interview on ‘The Three Greens’ below:

And Video link to Youtube interview of ‘The Bearded Prince’ below:

  • Which part of publishing process is most difficult for you? Writing/Editing/Publishing/Marketing? And Why?

Writing is a passion but if you are patient, editing can also be an interesting and creative process. I  also like to be involved with the publishing process. For most of my books, whether published by a big publishing house such as Hay House, or self-published, I have discussed the cover with the artist. Marketing is the most difficult – because for me it’s the most boring. 

  • What kind of books do you read? Any favourite authors/books?

I read all kinds of stuff. For instance, I enjoy non-fiction, children’s books, literary fiction, thrillers and romance. Too many favourites in authors and books to name.

  • Traditional vs. Self-Publishing? Which one is better as per you? Why?

Self-publishing is a better option for plays, because plays rarely get published anyhow.  However there is a new emerging readership for plays, and I believe in the future more and more plays will be published. I believe traditional publishing still has the edge over self-publishing provided you get one of the top rated publishers.

  • What were the key challenges that you face while you write? 

I face greater challenges while editing and improving the first draft. It’s very important to be patient during the editing process. As someone once said, the desire to finish, in an artist, is criminal

  • Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to share with other authors?

Three pieces of advice

There is a famous saying: Only a fool ever wrote but for money. I completely disagree and would reverse the saying. In my view: Only a fool wrote for money, and nothing else.
At the same time writing is a very competitive business so don’t give up your day job. 
Finally, be open to criticism, and develop the ability to differentiate between good and bad criticism.

  • Any other projects you are working on? Yes, what are they?

In non-fiction, I am working on book on Subhash Chandra Bose’s disappearance and relevance. In fiction I am working on an adventure story which has children of different ethnic backgrounds coming together. It is my wish that children from all over the world will closely identify with at least one character.

  • Lastly, if you have to describe your books in few lines, how will you do it?

As a writer I am to entertain but also raise awareness, be it a book for children, a play, a self-help book or a novel. My books can be viewed at and also at Amazon.

Do check out books from Rajesh and share your views.

Lots of Love

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