Thursday, 22 March 2018

#CuttingPaani - Why we should save Water and How?


Image result for save waterI get most agitated when someone wastes water... 'Paani hi to hai' is what I hear when I complain. But what people don't understand is that water is a very precious and expensive commodity just like electricity, gas and everything else. Just because we don't pay for water (most of us) doesn't mean we have the authority to waste it.

Why do I feel so much about water? Well to be honest, we don't learn importance of something until we lose it completely. And a few years ago, the water supply to our society was hampered and there was no water. For one whole day there was no water (drinking or cleaning) and due to road construction, no water tank could reach us. It was a nightmare. We survived more than 20 hours on some stored water and bottled water. And that was the day I realized the importance of this so-called 'free' commodity. 

Image result for save waterThere are various ways through which I conserve and save water. I have mentioned them below:
1. Taking bath using bucket - this helps reduce water consumption significantly. In shower, we unknowingly waste a lot of water
2. Storing RO wastage water and using it for cleaning and washing clothes - Using RO is a necessity everywhere now. But every 1 cup of purified water results in 4 cups of wasted water. So, storing it and using it is a big-big water conservation
3. Left over water - Many times water is left in drinking glass or gets stale stored in water bottle. Where many people throw it away, I don't. I water my plants with it. It is a great way to use the excessive water and my dear plants also get healthy and purified water. - yes we should not be taking excessive water in glasses and wasting it. But like said, it is very difficult to control other people...!

Also the society my house is, it has an excellent water conservation method. They store every day used water, clean it and then supply it for flushing toilets. Sometimes the filters don't work and we get exceptionally dirty water (big issues during those days) but normally, it is a great idea as water is recycled and used again.

I am writing this post to be a part of the #cuttingpani, an initiative by Livpure. I pledge to conserve more water, do you?

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