Sunday 4 March 2018

Book - For a Girl in a Star - Love, Friendship and Too Much Melodrama


Title:  For a Girl in a Star 
Author: Ratna Chandu
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Pages: 224
Price: Rs. 146
My Rating: 2.5/5

What do you do when your best friend, the one person who has stood by you through thick and thin, knows you better than you know yourself and literally saved your life falls in love with the same girl as you? Avinash and Sahas, two village boys arrive in Bangalore in search of art and in pursuit of ambition. Sahas, hardworking and nervous, antonym to his friend, has emerged from a troubled past only to find that his future doesn’t come without encumbrances. Their friendship is the one constant in the two boys’ lives, but that is tested when they each meet Aarti, a mysterious, compassionate, beautiful girl who captures both their imaginations and sets their hearts aflame. Will their passion for the same girl and an untimely tragedy, sunder the two friends forever? A compelling tale with twists and turns reminiscent of India’s melodramatic films, For a Girl in a Star deals with the age old staples of young love, heartbreak and what it means to be a true friend.

The title of the book and the cover are just stunning. The beautiful sky and depiction of triangulated love story provides a hook. There is a beauty in the cover which forces a reader to pick it up. But what about story?
To me the story line and plot is decent. Sahas moves in with Avinash and a new chapter of their lives begins. They both lead different lives but they are woven together -much more deeply than they know. They both fall in love with same girl -kind of cheesy. It happens in movies that two boys of different worlds find one girl and fall in love with. Talk about coincidence but it happens with these childhood friends. And of course, this love-triangle drives a wedge between them! The story revolves around their struggles and the way they cope up with grief and situations.
The characterization is good. Sahas, Avinash, Aarti and all others (there are a few more characters) are described well. The bond between Sahas and Avinash - their friendship - is beautifully portrayed. You can't help but remember that one childhood friend who used to be your lifeline!
Every book has pros and cons, above mentioned are all pros, however (and unfortunately) there are a few cons too.
To start with, though the story is good, it is very slow. At times it has been dragged which makes it difficult to read.
Also, there is a predictability to the story line which makes the rhythm suffer.
And lastly, there is way too melodrama. Yes it does happen in some relations but story lacks a sense of maturity which just doesn't go with the flow.
Overall, it a decent read. 
My rating for it 2.5/5

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