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2 Steps to Slimmer & Sexy Legs...


A lot of women suffer from shaggy thighs and bulgy fat around hips. Fortunately they are not visible the outside to world (unless you wear shorts or skirts or decide to go for a bikini swim in the pool). However they are very much visible to our own self... every time we use the loo or undress for a shower they embarrass us and not to mention our partner's interest (if I may just hint a bit here). So if you suffer from it, I am sure you want to fix this and get 'James Bond Actress's legs'. 

I am not sure if you ever tried losing this fat, but its pretty simple to lose (unlike the stubborn belly fat)

To understand the ways of losing this fat, lets understand what this ugliness is. If you hold & press the skin on your thighs (like in adjacent picture) and see some dimples   then its called 'cellulite'. 

Much to our harassment 90% women suffer from cellulite whereas only 10% of men do... Yep its true and its simply because of the way our bodies are formed. Well we cant change that, but we can definitely get rid of this ugly cellulite...

There are 2 simple steps in which you can cure this problem of cellulite permanently. 
(Just FYI, it will not happen overnight, you need to give it sometime...)
  1. Add dry-brushing your skin in your daily routine...
  2. Do these 4 magical steps everyday...
Lets first talk about dry-brushing.
As the name suggests you don't need to do anything major, just take a dry brush and brush off your skin gently. Ideal time of this activity is before shower and ideal place is the shower :)
Dry brushing not just help reduce cellulite, it also removes dead cells from skin and open the pores. Which in turn allows your skin to breathe and makes it radiate and shine. And not to mention, we always only scrub our face, through dry brushing we scrub our body too :)

There are few things that you need to keep in mind before you do that:
  • Make sure your skin and brush both are dry before starting (hence the term dry-brushing)
  • Always stroke your skin towards your heart, don't rub up and down. We do this to regulate the blood flow towards the heart
  • Stroke in clockwise motion on your tummy. It aids digestion as well
  • Start from left side and move towards right
  • Always choose soft brush and not the one with plastic brush. It will only hurt your skin
  • And don't overdo especially on sensitive areas like neck, chest, face etc.

Once you are through with dry-brush, you can take your shower as usual...

The next step is the magical exercise. Let me warn you, it will hurt your legs in the beginning but if you keep measure of your thighs, you will love the results & of course eventually your legs will get used to the stretches and pain will go away.

To start the exercise, 
  • STAND with hands on your waist and feet shoulder-width apart 
  • TAKE a big step forward with your right foot and lower down until your right leg is bent 90° and your left knee is nearly touching the floor. Hold for 10 seconds and push back up to starting position
  • TAKE a big step to the right with your right foot, bending the right knee and keeping the left leg straight. Hold for 10 seconds and return to the starting position.
  • TAKE a big step back with your right foot. Lower until left leg is bent 90° and right knee is almost touching the floor. Return to starting position
REPEAT with the left foot, stepping to the front, then to the left side, then back. That’s one set. Do 5 sets a day and gradually increase. 

Try doing this on soft ground or yoga mat to avoid  hurting yourself.

If you do this regularly along with dry-brushing, you will start see centimeters reduce on your measuring tape soon. However to get rid of the cellulite completely give it around 6 months (you didn't accumulate this fat overnight, so don't expect to get rid of it like that...)

I hope this helps, do let me know your views.

Till then
Take Care

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