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Welcome 2 Karachi: My Reviews & Thoughts

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Note: my review contains not a lot but some spoilers. You have been warned :)

Welcome 2 Karachi is one of those movies that you should go without any expectations. It is a humorous movie which is a typical no-brainer. If you wish to go for a movie which doesn't provoke any deep thoughts but just gives you simple laugh throughout, than this is the movie to watch today. 

Directed by Ashish R. Mohan it stars Arshad Warsi & Jacky Bhagnani and by default Arshad Warsi is the show-stealer. The acting and punches are awesome and there would be some instances where you might find your seat space too small to roll out in laughter.

Arshad (Shammi in the movie) and Jacky (Kedar) are two dim-witted friends who are good for nothing and are simply made of each other (maybe that's why there is no lead actress in the movie). Shammi is ex-navy office who sank a submarine and Kedar is a son of event organizer and is the stupidest man known. 

In the beginning of the movie, Shammi and Kedar find themselves stranded on the beach of Karachi and their journey to India begins from there. Not sure if its true or not, but in the movie every corner of Pakistan is filled with terrorists and guns. 
A big portion of the movie revolves around their escape where they are up against hoodlums, Chief Intelligence - Pakistan (including American dancer Lauren Gottlieb trying to act as a Pakistani), Taliban terrorists, American soldiers and corrupt Pakistan ministers. Their efforts to reach India are fruitless, all the time they are going in circles, picking up all wrong things and finding themselves in trouble always. By the end of the movie they are no close to reaching India, instead they are seen landing into a new trouble. 

There are many scenes in the movie which are undeniably funny, like Arshad Warsi tries to deliver a baby with a vacuum cleaner (inspired by 3-Idiots), where they are hired by Taliban terrorists to bomb India and instead they accidently bomb them, when Arshad Warsi gets emotional over India-Pakistan cricket match and trashes Pakistani players in Pakistan, or when they think they have crossed the border and have reached India, although they have reached only another part of Pakistan (i.e Punjab) or like I fakr (interpretation fu***r) you and many more. It was all hilarious...

After intermission, its starts to feel that they are overdoing a bit, they could have finished the movie much earlier but they introduced a new angle which could have been skipped. However, despite of the fact it felt dragged at some instances, you will not feel the shortage of laughter anywhere. Also, it is one of those movies which is not just funny throughout but also ends on a funny note. I am not sure if I saw anyone stepping out of the theatre who was not laughing

The movie is also a treat for my Gujarati friends, it includes many aspects of Gujarat and also has a song which is partially Gujarati. Another thing, although Kedaar (Gujarati character) is shown exceptionally stupid, but in reality Gujarati's are pretty intelligent.

My rating for the movie, actually for Arshad Warsi : 3/5.

Its likeable and enjoyable

Hope you enjoy it as well

Till then
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