Tuesday, 5 May 2015

#Forever Series... My Thoughts and Reviews


Forever series attracted me with its name... my first question was, what are they representing that can stay forever, because if you realize,  your shadow too leaves you in the awe of light. However when I read its synopsis and watched 1st episode I liked it and the series clicked me instantly.

It was rather funny to watch someone die and reborn again and again multiple times in 1 episode. However it was not as frequent in subsequent ones. It was tastefully placed in some episodes but I would have preferred to see more artistic ways in which Dr. Henry Morgan (the lead protagonist) could die.

Ioan Gruggord, who played Henry did 100% justification to the role. Many of us know him as Mister Fantastic from Fantastic Four movies. Other characters of the show are also good especially Henry's assistant Lucas Wan, who is that character who always breaks ice and tension by saying something stupid yet funny.

Detective Jo Martinez played by Alana De La Graza is one of the very few female characters on English television whom you don't want to kill (even for their very existence in the show). She is shown intelligent, smart and in the last scene of the finale episode pretty understanding too.

I also liked the main antagonist of the show, Adam. Can you beleive he is said to be 2000 years old? He is villainous and fearsome but in no episode he did anything exceptionally bad. In finale it was mentioned that he was good once and 2000 years changed him. Well, its kind of true, and given the levels of brutality in his actions, this statement is fully justified.

Although I liked the show, there is one thing that is weird and kind of lame. You see its that a medical examiner is the show-stealer of every episode & crime scene. If I am not mistaken its the detectives who specialize in finding hidden clues, however here, its the medical examiner who does the job. But well, can't complain much here as that is the sole purpose of the show, isn't it ;)

So, to rate the show, I can easily rate it 4.25/5

If you have not watched it yet, apologies for spoilers but I would definitely recommend watching it  :)

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