Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Why is it important to have a Sleep Schedule?


We all know that quality sound sleep is very important for a healthy functioning body but do we also know that by not sleeping properly and even sleeping excessive is extremely dangerous for our health?

On an average, an adult needs approx 8 hours of sleep, it may vary from person to person but majority falls in this bucket. There are people who can function perfectly if they sleep as little as 6 hours a day and then there are people like me who need 10 hours, which is rarely possible. Well no complains there, the main point is getting required amount of sleep.

Some people might believe that sleeping at odd hours, but sleeping appropriate hours is acceptable, but its not. If you sleep at different times on different days, you are disrupting your daily routine. Like you feel need at designated times during the day similarly your body needs sleep at its own time as well. When you sleep at 10PM one day and at 12AM another, you are not just disrupting your sleep, you are disrupting your whole schedule, your health and your hormones (especially in girls). Hence you should always sleep for the right hours at the right time. Also, sleeping extra on weekends is harmful too. You not just disrupt your sleep but you disrupt your entire routine which can have very dangerous implications in long run.

Well, if above reasons are not good enough to maintain a sound balance between waking & sleeping time, then below is the list of other well known reasons:
  1. Healthy brain and emotional state: By having good enough sleep you are allowing your body and brain to recharge itself for the next day. Sleep deprivation not just impacts your mood but also affects your ability to remember things, ability to focus and work in an efficient manner
  2. Better physical health: Sleep plays a vital role in your overall health. Sound sleep helps heal and repair body tissues and vessels. Sleep provides your body with an important ground where it replenishes and rejuvenates itself. By being sleep deprived, you stop your body from healing itself
  3. Daily performance and safety: Sleep deprived people are usually not able to give their 100% in their job, which in turn results in diminished performance. Also, if you are sleep deprived there is high chances of accidents, I myself have slept off once driving back from work just because I couldn't sleep properly for couple of nights, trust me its scary
  4. Insulin & Hormone balance: Good quality sleep helps maintain your hormones especially the ones that help you feel hungry and full. When you are sleep deprived you eat more which in addition results in weight gain. Sleep also helps regulate insulin in your body. People with low sleep levels usually have high sugar levels which is not good of course
  5. Helps improve immune system: Sleep has a major contribution to your immune system and many people don't know that. If a person is usually sleep deprived,  their immune system is generally weak and they are largely susceptible to common infections as well
  6. Helps you avoid depression: A sound mind with enough sleep is usually depression free in comparison to people who suffer from sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation and depression go hand in hand. If you are sleep deprived you will be bothered and irritated by tiniest of things. Sleep deprivations minimises understanding and acceptance levels which in turn usually end up in depression
  7. Helps burn calories: Its a popular fact these days, you burn calories while you sleep. However, another relation between sleep and weight loss is, you feel hungrier when you are sleep deprived, which results in weight gains, many people get inflammation in their body due to lack of sleep which results in weight gain, also sleep deprivations tampers with your body's fat storage and insulin mechanism which again affects weight gain. Sleep deprivation results in tiredness which in turn results in no exercise, again weight gain. Hence, it is important to sleep properly to not just have better health but also to have better weight
Given all the reasons above, now you should be motivated to have a nice goodnight's sleep. Well I am :). Work can wait, but your health and sound sleep cant. However if you still aren't motivated enough then wait till it catches up and then maybe you can start having a nice good night's sleep

Happy sleeping :)
Till then
Take Care


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