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Don't let Scars SCAR your Life...!


There wont be a single person alive who won't have any kind of scar on his/her body... It can be a scar from an accident, surgery, disease or even acne... and if you are lucky enough not have any of these then stretch marks at least... 

Scars from some accidents can't be avoided and need to be cured later but stretch marks are something that every woman asks for when she looks for a baby... its the worst by-product of pregnancy... isn't it.  Stretch marks are caused due to sudden gain and loss in weight. If your skin stretches and shrinks very quickly, you will end up with bad marks... 

Every girl wants a baby at some point of life but do we really need to suffer this
by-product? Unfortunately yes, but at least we can try to prevent it...
You must be thinking how? And I have a solution... I came across a product while I was in South Africa and every mom I met there claimed it to be successful. Its called 'Bio Oil'. 
It's a pure Vitamin E, non-greasy body oil with no odor. It also contains Vitamin A, Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Chamomile Oil & PurCellin Oil which makes it a perfect skin solution

History of Bio Oil
Let's delve a bit in its history, Bio Oil was launched in 1987 in South Africa and ever since then its formulation is same... The creator of Bio Oil 'Dieter Beier' got it right so long ago... although it took more  than a decade for the world to realize it. In 2000, after the Bio Oil was sold to its new owners, who changed its packaging etc., it became a success. In less than 5 years it became number #1 selling cosmetic product in South Africa and now is expanding worldwide... 

Importance of Bio Oil & Why to use it?
Bio Oil is very useful in avoiding & reducing stretch marks, removing scars of acne and other uneventful incidences. It is also very useful in Winter to avoid dry skin

Why? Although skin industry is full of lotions and creams but still this one revolutionary oil is able to set records. It has won numerous awards and the reason is simple, it works and it's very effective. Unlike water-based creams and lotions, this oil-based product creates a near oxygen-free environment for its active ingredients. Vitamins and other natural extracts can be suspended in oil for an indefinite period, their potency intact, without the complications of added preservatives. And an oil-based product complements – even augments – the skin’s natural oils. ~~~ Source

How to use Bio Oil?
Usage of bio oil is very simple and it depends on user's condition. Because scars run deep in skin tissue, you need follow the application religiously to see good effects

  • For any facial scar apply for at least 4 weeks, twice a day. In 4 weeks if you see any improvement then it suits you, congratulations! It usually doesn't have any side effect like acne etc. but if you do see a reaction stop immediately. 
  • If you are pregnant, start using Bio Oil from the day you get the good news The bottle says from 2nd trimester but if I were you I would start right away just in case. I would rather be safe then sorry with those horrible marks. Massage Bio Oil at least 2 times a week in circular motion on your breast, stomach and other areas that are prone to stretch marks. Applying it from beginning of pregnancy controls stretch marks to a significant amount. If you missed on application before and now have stretch-marks then start using it, it will take time but eventually they will go away
  • Scars in any other areas, apply at least for 3 months, twice daily to see improvements. 
  • Dry skin: massage your body weekly with Bio Oil at least 30 mins before shower to see rejuvenating effect

Bio Oil ideally should not be mixed with any other skin product. Also, if you wish to apply something else on your skin, start with Bio Oil, let it absorb properly and then use something else. 

How much to apply & Who can use it?
Just few drops is enough. If you want to cover whole body then a little more but apart from that just a few drops...

Who? Apart from pregnancy stretch marks, both men and women suffer from scars, hence both can use it. I am not sure if infants should use it or not? Better consult your doctor before applying it on your kids

Why am I recommending this?
I recommend this because I am using it and I see good results. My skin is extremely sensitive, any lotion or cream results in either acne or red marks. Doctor asked me to apply on glycerine but it doesn't help the marks from acne and pigmentation, hence Bio Oil. Bio Oil is the only product that didn't give me acne and it helps me with other weird skin problem as well. I have also tried other cheaper body oils like from Nivea etc., but they are nothing in comparison. 
Even 1 spoon full of Nivea doesn't compare to the magic 1 drop of Bio Oil can do

Where to buy it & How much does it costs?
Bio Oil, originally a South African product is being distributed by Marico in India. They have introduced this product in India sometime back in the skin care segment. 
The product is available in all major retailers and online. I am not sure if you will find it in general store because it is a premium product

Cost? Unfortunately it is expensive but that is the price you have to pay for a scar-free life. 60ml bottle is around Rs450, but trust me, the quantity in which it is being used every day it would last you months

I hope this information helps you. A friend in South Africa introduced me to Bio Oil and I am thankful to her. I hope after reading this article and using it, you will be thankful too

Till then
Take Care


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