Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Miracle called Water...


There is a reason why God covered 3/4 of the Earth with Water. And not just Earth, 90% of human body too is made of Water.
For me, Water is the holy ale that is the cure to any and every problem that a human has (unless one is suffering from a dangerous situation like water filling in lungs etc.)

If you drink the required amount of water per day (i.e. 2-3 liters at least), you can benefit immensely. However, if you skip it then firstly you'll be thirsty throughout the day (which is unhealthy and irritable) and secondly you will start getting various issues in your body from top to bottom which will range from medium to very serious. 
There are so many issues I can list down but I don't want to delve into what happens when we don't drink enough water, instead would like to focus on benefits of drinking water...

Like said, Water is holy ale and let's start from top:

  • Hair: Water provides required nourishment to dry scalp and prevents dandruff and dry, sticky & smelly hair in long term
  • Head: Dehydration and fatigue often result in headaches. Drinking ample water in a day will help you avoid headache (at least because of these reasons)
  • Face: Drinking enough water keeps your skin hydrated and glowing. It also helps you prevent wrinkles and pimples (however pimples are also result of bad diet, so watch out for that). Drinking sufficient water daily also reduces acne scars and keeps your complexion fair
  • Breast (for women): Drinking plenty water helps breast pains. Also, it improves the milk quantity & quality in nursing mothers
  • Stomach: Most importantly water aids in digestion by helping dissolve fats and soluble fibre
  • Liver, Intestine, Kidneys: Water helps all these and other complex systems in our body to function properly. It prevents the risk of UTI, constipation, stones and other failures
  • Legs: Water helps reduce cellulite and gives you slimmer legs. Also water gives your muscles enough strength to walk out the entire day. It also help restless legs, fluid retention etc.
  • Overall body: 
    • Water aids weight loss as it regulates entire body's movement and also it keeps you full
    • Water helps you avoid certain kinds of cancer (like bladder, colon, breast cancer)
    • Water keep your joints mobilised, hence prevents various problems
    • Water keeps you energised to go through your day
    • Water keeps your skin fresh & glowing 
    • Water helps reduce hangover (in some people at least)
    • Water keeps you active and happy
Its not just drinking water, soaking in warm water is one the effective remedy for body pain, stiff neck, swollen ankles etc.

It should also be noted that timing of drinking water is very important as well. One might argue that I drink 5 liter a day but still have problems and simple reason could be the timing... If you drink gallons of water in 1 go and not during the rest of the day then you are not doing any good. Instead, you are just pressurising your bladders. One should drink ample water with sufficient gaps at right time to make it work...

Lets look into benefits of drinking water at various times of day:
  • Early morning empty stomach (preferably lukewarm): Drinking water first thing in the morning, empty stomach, has many benefits, such as:
    • Aids in constipation and improves bowel movement
    • Removes toxin from blood which results in smooth skin
    • Helps cure acne & scars
    • Aids in weight loss
    • Prevents many other diseases like diabetes, high BP etc
  • Before a bath: Drinking water before a bath helps control your blood pressure
  • Before a meal: Drinking water 30 mins before a meal helps in digestion. Also if you are prone to eating more when hungry, which results in weight gains than drinking water before meals make you full enough to eat only required amount. However it should be noted that water is not a substitute of food and one should eat necessary amount each day
  • After a meal: Drinking water an hour after a meal allows your body to absorb necessary nutrients which is very useful
  • Before a workout: 30 mins before workout allows your body and muscles to get more serious with it. You can stretch and stress more if you have water pumping in  your body
  • Before sleep: There are multiple benefits of drinking water before bed. However one should drink in limited quantity else your peaceful sleep will be disrupted because of bathroom visits. The benefits are like:
    • Helps replenish any essential fluids that were missed/consumed during the day
    • Helps burn calories. It is known fact that we burn calories while we sleep, and drinking water boosts that calorie burning exercise
    • Helps you sleep: Water balances all ingredients in your body which in return relaxes you and help you sleep
    • Helps in morning bowel routine
    • Helps clear out toxins from body which result in clear skin, weight loss, better digestion and overall health
There are many other benefits as well of drinking water and I have listed here only a few.

I hope this will motivate you drink more water each day which in return will give you healthy and happy life

Till then
Take Care


  1. Thanks for these tips..
    Can you please tell how much quantity is right one for "Before sleep"

    1. Hi Andy
      Usually 1 glass, max 2 is optimal before bed.
      Rest depends on your bladder capacity :)


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