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The Vampire Diaries Series... My Thoughts and Reviews

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For those who haven't yet watched this series, my review contains spoiler. 

The Vampire Diaries, a teen drama which has a great number of followers and when it comes to supernatural vampire related drama, it is one of my favourite shows. My interest in fantasy stuff introduced me to the novel series 'The Vampire Diaries' by LJ Smith and soon I was introduced to this show as well. As I progressed with the show I realised the novel just doesn't do justification to the title. The show is very interesting and engrossing. Also the effects they bring its scary but simply awesome. And unfortunately enough it does include some pretty lame stuff but apart from that, its quite good.

As the name suggests,  the show revolves around vampires. Basically, it revolves around a human girl who is torn between 2 vampire brothers who are 163 years old. Sounds kindda lame, isn't it and it always has to end up around a girl. Well yes, that is the main story but it also does has other characters and some side stories which make the show whole. Also it not just has vampires but also has werewolves (no vampire story is finished without them) and witches. In few seasons the show also has the original vampire family (the 1st vampires ever) which is pretty awesome.

Moving back to main plot, Elena (the human girl) played by Nina Dobrev is loved by 2 immortal brothers, Damon & Stefan played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley respectively. Stefan is a good kind vampire who doesn't feed on humans and tries to protect them, whereas Damon is the worst kind of Vampire who not only feeds and kills humans but also preys on them, manipulates, and uses them. 
Damon & Stefan are shown to have pretty interesting history, where they loved same girl as their human selves and now the history repeats again, as they again love same girl as vampires, i.e. Elena. 

Elena, she is the epicentre of everyone's life and she is also their doom. Its she who draws vampires back to Mystic falls, its her doppelgänger (a double of a living person), who brings havoc to everyone's life, its she after whom the worst of all original is, it is she due to whom her friends suffer and its she who tries to control everyone. Well said that, she is also very loving, caring and compassionate character. She tries to protect everyone and always tries to do the right thing. Yes, she is complicated but that is the purpose of the whole show.
In the beginning of the show she is madly in love with Stefan, with Damon conspiring to get her. But as Damon changes for her, she falls for him and after becoming a vampire herself she chooses Damon, leaving Stefan heartbroken. Yup, most of all viewers hated that part but between Damon & Stefan, one will always choose Damon

There are other characters as well who surround the story, like Jeremy, Elena's annoying drug addict brother who eventually turns into a Vampire Hunter (ironic given his sister is a vampire). Bonnie is best friend of Elena and is a new witch. She is forced to sacrifice again and again for Elena but eventually turns into a very powerful Bennett witch. Caroline, an uptight, control freak character who actually improves when she becomes a vampire (most people turn dark, but she got positive). Alaric is a high school teacher but also is a Vampire Hunter, who is trying to solve mystery of his wife's murder. Tyler, with werewolf gene who is kind of an ass as human but gets better when he turns in a werewolf and many others. 

There are many antagonists in the series as well. My favourite is Klaus Michelson who was born in 10th century and is a hybrid (i.e. born werewolf turned vampire). He is ruthless, manipulative yet has the best heart of all. He is seen in Season 2-5 in Vampire Diaries where he plots to kill Elena and is successful (though Elena doesn't die because her father sacrifices himself for her). Klaus is peculiarly interested in Caroline and moves to New Orleans when she rejects him. There is a spin-off series called the Originals which revolves around lives of the Original family. Apart from him there are other antagonists as well and the one in recent season Kai (a psychopath Gemini witch) is kind of weird and interesting. He is one of the few villains whom most of his viewers loved a lot.

The season 6 of the show recently ended and so did the tenure of Nina Dobrev with show. As per news she has quit TVD, which is heartbreaking for many TVD fans but I for one is happy because she was way too overrated. Her exit should bring a complete new twist and excitement to the show. 
We all loved the bad Damon, who became good because of her and with her gone, writers predict he would go bad again. I am very much interested to see that.

All in all, if you are watching the show, you know why I like it, and if you are not and like supernatural fantasy, do watch it, you will love it. It gets so engrossing at few points that you won't be able to leave screen in anticipation. And if you are comparing all vampire drama with Twilight movies, then my friend you are making a huge mistake... it is nothing compared...

I would rate the show as 4.25/5 and seriously hope that it gets higher in upcoming seasons.

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