Monday, 18 May 2015

Poem - Hey Mom, I just wanna say...

A mother's love is the bliss of life
Evermore you may get, but it will never suffice
It's you who is thunder, the spark of her life
She made you a flower, but also a knife
Hey Mom, I just wanna say
Thank you for making me this way
Your love, your blessings is all I want
For it's our bond, I'll always flaunt

It's you, with whom a mother shares her soul
Without you, she is never again so whole
Day-in day-out she takes care of you
Your toys, your books are now her crew
Hey Mom, I just wanna say
Thank you for keeping me in your heart this way
I may not be perfect for world's attire
But in your eyes, I shall never retire

A mother's 'yes' is always your choice
It's your smile that makes her rejoice
Even if she ever tells you 'No'
Its for your best, your heart should know
Hey Mom, I just wanna say
Thank you for preserving me everyday
For I was silly and never understood
The devils that ensnared my childhood

It's your mom, you should always cherish
For it's her love, that shall never perish
Its her heart that reflects your dreams
Even if her own are muffled in screams
Hey Mom, I just wanna say
Simply thinking of you makes my day
But hey please, live up your dreams and smile
For seeing you happy, is what makes my life worthwhile

Cherish her, hold her, love her while you can
For once she is gone, you would do nothing but plan
Soon it would be your chance to give it in return

For you'll be a parent soon and it will be your child's turn
It's her soul with them you'll share
Now it's your turn to show a mother's care
But hey Mom, I just wanna say
Thank you again for making me way
It's your love, that I cherish everyday
For if it were not for you, I would be nothing
I owe you my life and more and everything...

~~~ By Kritika Rajat Sharma

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