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Jane the Virgin Series... My Thoughts and Reviews

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For those who haven't yet watched this series, my review contains spoiler. 

Jane the Virgin, as name suggests is based on a 23 years old virgin in United States, which from the show looks like a big deal. Unlike India, they don't believe in waiting till marriage... well, don't want to delve much into that so let's talk about the show.

Jane the Virgin is based on Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen. Telenovela meaning Indian version of Spanish shows, it's just that telenovelas don't stretch more than a year and our Indian shows... well suffice it to say if they last less than a year, they are not considered successful :)

Jane the Virgin caught my attention on It has 100% rating with 48 reviews (compared to other shows it's good) so I started to watch and instantly liked it. It is not like any comedy, mystery or thriller,  it's a simple drama which contains up's and down' of lives of its characters especially Jane.

Jane Gloriana Villanueva, played by Gina Rodriguez is, like said, a virgin but is artificially impregnated with Rafael's sperm. Rafael Solana, played by Justin Baldoni is a rich hotel owner who recently had cancer and this is his only sample. By the way I must add Rafael was also a very handsome playboy and very often he is shown shirtless to get girls to drool over him. 
Well, look at the pic, isn't he gorgeous & drool worthy ;)

Jane, who is upcoming writer, high school teacher and a waitress (yes too many jobs for a pregnant woman), has a perfect life. She lives with her mother, Xiomara "Xo" Gloriana Villanueva & grandmother Alba Gloriana Villanueva. They both are typical moms' if I may say. Xo is little too modern but she loves her daughter incredibly. Also sometimes the fight between these Xo & Alba get on your nerves but it's the affection between 3 generations (4th soon to come) that steals the show

In the beginning of the show, Jane is in love with Michael Cordero played by Brett Dier and they plan to get marry soon. But everything turns upside down in their relationship when Jane decided to keep the baby and falls in love with Rafael. I know this makes her sound like a bad person, but she is not, the writers of the show have written it brilliantly. During the course we do feel bad for Michael, he is pretty good guy but weighing options between Rafael & Michael, Rafael will always win. ;)

The highlight of the show and the best thing is the Spanish narrator who speaks in the background. It is thoroughly enjoyable and he won't let you forget who was who, and what happened when. Also the sarcastic punches he throws in between are usually hilarious. 

The low-light of the show is Jane's father, Rogelio de la Vega played by Jaime Camil and Rafael's ex-wife, Petra (Natalia) Solano played by Yael Grobglas. Where former is innocent yet incredibly irritating character, latter is a villain who is a fraud, cheat, liar and most manipulative person in the show. I know the show won't be complete without these to annoying tag-along characters but still...

There are various other things and side stories that fill up the gaps and mood in the show but best that I like is how Jane goes through various stages in her pregnancy. Unlike other shows where the focus is on relationships and pregnancy is just on the side, here the show revolves around how relations change with pregnancy and what a woman goes through. We all have heard being pregnant is difficult, this show proves it but in a very gentle way. I for one have learnt a lot of things that could go wrong and could go right, not sure about others :)

This week the season finale was aired on The CW and honestly the ending way far too stretched. They have unnecessarily added a new twist. Well just to write in 1 line, Jane had a beautiful baby boy and he is kidnapped. The whole show revolved around that baby from day 1 and after 5 mins of his appearance he is doomed. I am sure writers will write an exciting plot in season 2 but with all the drama and other things, I am disappointed. They could have ended season on at least 1 happy note...

Anyways, apart from the stupid far-fetched ending, I like it and would rate it 4.25/5. And if you get a chance do watch it, if you like light dramas with no vulgarity or ruthless actions, you will like it :)

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