Sunday, 17 May 2015

Poem - Holding Hands...

Holding hands gave me life
Since the day I became your wife
You are mine and I am yours
And there is nothing that's more than sure

Holding hands give me smile
I have longed for this quite a while
Your love for me I so much adore
And I never knew life had this for me in store

Holding hands makes me whole
For it's our love that touches my soul
You always beside me is what I want
And it's our love we may always flaunt

Holding hands gives me comfort
You always smile is forever my effort
Your passion, affection is what I desire
And it's our love that the world admire

Holding hands makes me secure
Its with you I am getting mature
You always protect me for I am sometimes so fool
And it's your love that even make it sound so cool

Holding hands give me calm
To all my troubles it acts as a balm
For it's your voice that gives me console
And piece by piece it makes me whole

Holding hands has given me a perspective
In my heart I will hold you as captive
You may wonder will my love suffice
But should you know, I would love you eternal, even after my demise

-- By Kritika Gupta Sharma


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