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Green Tea & Its Benefits


Green Tea, also known as the Camellia sinensis, is the healthiest beverage on our planet Earth, after of course our beloved water. It is one of those drinks that benefit you from each sip and you don't even realize it. It originated in China long ago and now is spread all over the world because of its benefits.

Green tea is full of natural antioxidants and nutrients that have very positive effect on our body, however, just like everything else, the excessive consumption of this drink too will cause harmful side-effects. Hence, just like everything, the key is to understand when to take and how much to take.

Before we get into when and how, lets talk abut 'Why'? Lets start with benefits of Green Tea. The health benefits of this drink is etched across internet, but let's focus here on the most important ones:

  • Most important, which has actually resulted in popularity of Green tea is that it aids in weight loss. It specifically targets the belly fat which is literally  the most difficult fat for weight loss. Drinking it regularly not just allows your to lose on extra Kgs/Pounds but also allows you to stay slim and fit in long run
  • It improves brain health and how it functions. Daily consumption of green tea will help you become smarter. It also aids your brain in old age and minimizes the risk of Alzheimer’s and other diseases. Alzheimer's is the most common neurological disease that results in dementia (i.e. memory loss) 
  • It promotes overall health and boosts immunity. Being rich in antioxidants it helps you get healthier and more active
  • Controls bad cholesterol in your body and improves the ratio of good cholesterol
  • It controls sugar levels in your body which doesn't allow diabetes and insulin resistance. Women with PCOS can benefit majorly with this.
  • Multiple other but very important benefits are:
    • it reduces the risk of cancer
    • reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
    • reduces chances of high blood pressure
    • prevents depression 
    • strengthens bones 
    • improves oral health
    • prevents hair fall
    • improves skin health
    • fights off various allergies
    • boosts eyesight and etc

We saw above the benefits but to leverage these benefits upto mark we also need to know how much to take, when to take and know the possible side effects (you know, better safe than sorry)

Lets start with how much.
1 cup a day for an adult body is not sufficient to see so many positive effects. One should take 2-6 cups a day. Some might say that you can drink up to 10 cups a day, but when it comes to health, I prefer not to push limits. 

However, if you are a women who plans to conceive or is pregnant, you should not drink more than 2 cups per day because green tea absorbs Folic acid from your body which is essential for your baby's development. However, given each pregnancy is unique, I would strongly recommend consulting with your gynae before taking this

When to drink Green tea?
Ideal time for this ale is at least 30 mins before a meal or at least 2 hours after a meal. Drinking it empty stomach or right before or after meals will not have any significant good effect on your body. It will either be a waste or will only have adverse effect

How to drink Green tea?
Green tea is the zero-calorie caffeine drink hence it's perfect  for weight loss. 
You can drink it by simply putting tea bag in boiling water and making a nice cup, but it tastes horrible and you need to adjust your palette to its taste. After drinking it for more than a month, I was able to adapt. 
To improve its taste you can add lemon drops or honey. However, don't add any sweeter as it will only defeat the whole purpose

And finally, now lets look at possible side effects.
Although it's a perfect ale for healthy life, consuming it in high quantity can result in following side-effects:
  • Constipation: very common side effect of drinking green tea regularly . I have seen some anti-constipation green teas in the market but never tried it myself so can't comment on their success. If you feel constipated, either give them a try or try some other remedy to prevent constipation
  • Heartburn or acidity: Green tea is high caffeine drink hence some people suffer from acidity after drinking it. Try drinking ACV, it is by far the best natural home remedy for acidity. Click here for details.
  • People with extreme caffeine sensitivity can also suffer from following:
    • insomnia
    • anxiety
    • nausea
    • irritability etc
  • Also, you need to consult your doctor before consuming it if you have any kind of major health issue like heart disease, kidney issues, liver problems etc.

After reading this if you are motivated to try, then there are various types of Green tea available in the market and I would strongly recommend taking best quality to see better and quicker results. If you are still confused, drop me a message, I am always happy to help

Till then
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