Monday, 4 May 2015

SMILE all your problems away... :)


Yup, it is in the title... Just smile

In today's hectic scenario we are always stressed and worried about something or another. This just doesn't have an impact on our work, relations but also on our health.  Its like a vicious cycle, with stress comes health problems and with health problems comes more stress. Hence lets try to get rid of this stress all together.

If you are depressed people might suggest you to a counsellor or even a psychiatrist, but believe me, till the time you don't have some chemical imbalance within you, you don't need to visit either of them. Instead all you need to do is SMILE.

Yes, you heard it right, it is as simple as this. 

However stressed, angry or depressed you are, the moment your lips curve in the way of smile (if even forced to be) you heart detaches itself from the pain and at least 50% of your anger or stress is dissolved. When you smile you are telling your  brain to be calm & that its all good, and the moment you do so, IT IS ALL GOOD. 
A simple smile helps reduce your issues almost 50%, rest all depend on you, whether you want to hold on to it or let it go (I would suggest letting go as it doesn't help anyone)

I personally make it a point to keep on smiling no matter what. Of course I don't have full grin etched on my face all day to make me look crazy, but just a faint smile that I know is on my face. And this knowing makes all the difference.
Also everyone likes a smiling face over a grumpy one.

I know people who had major issues and could not solve them even with the best therapist. Over years they had so much hatred that it just wasn't working. But the moment they started practising this small tip, they can at least talk and discuss peacefully.

Well if it can work for them then it can work for anyone. 

So don't stress and waste your energy on negative things, just swish your worries away with a hint of smile :)


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