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Gabbar is Back... My Reviews & Thoughts...

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Finally had the chance to watch Akshay Kumar & Shruti Hassan's starer trending movie... Gabbar is back. Yup it is 2.5 weeks since the release but still decided to write... :)

To start with, it's a remake of a Tamil movie Ramanna and although have not watched Ramanna, I can simply say Krish (the director of Gabbar is back) has done a pretty good job here.

From introductory song till the end it is full masala movie with lot of entertainment value. In some instances it also includes light hearted comedy with some awesome punches which will make you laugh out loud. 
But along with entertainment it addresses a very important issue of Indian society as well, i.e. corruption. The movie revolves around a guy who pledges to encourage youth to stand up and fight against corrupt government & officials. In the movie he takes adverse actions which no one should take, but well, it's just a movie 

Akshay Kumar, who is the most popular teacher in college (only teacher who would ever have extra students in his class ) is secretly running Anti-Corruption cell with his  present and ex students. 5 years ago, a life altering event killed his wife and unborn child, the event was a result of corruption in every fold and today he wants to improve the face of India.

Role of Akshay's wife is played by Kareena, she has guest appearance in a song (Teri Meri Kahaani) and for a change she is looking quite pretty and is doing justification to the role. Usually I find her overacting but in this she did a good job or maybe she didn't get enough chance to overact ;)

Lead actress is played by Shruti Hassan, just like most other movies she is more or less like a pretty face on the screen. Her presence doesn't change any aspect of the movie. But I would definitely like to add, compared to other actresses in bollywood these days, she can act a bit

The villain of the movie Digvijay Patil, played by Suman Talwar is apparently a very popular star in Telugu movies. Umm he must be popular in Telugu movies and yes he did a fine job here but when it comes to villains from South movies, my first preference is Prakash Raj (the lead antagonist in Ajay Devgan starrer Singham movie). 
His favorite dialogue in this movie is "Digvijay Patil is not a name, it's a brand". Saying it once is fine... twice is repetitive but when he repeated it third time I really wished to hit him myself.

I also liked the introductory song 'Warna Gabbar Aa Jayega' and the best dialogue of the movie is, 'Pachaas Pachaas Kos Dur Jabh Koi Rishwat Leta Hai, Toh Sabh Kehte Hain Mat Le Varna, Gabbar Aa Jaaega'. The concept of movie is good and something that India should definitely think about but the scenes and action is way over-rated. I also didn't like the ending of the movie. Its unjustified, death as punishment is banned in India (only to be given in extreme case), some might argue he murdered so many people but he also did help government & police to lengths. Anyways, our Indian movies won't be complete if they don't have some unrealistic nonsense, but apart from this and some exaggerated scenes it is a fine movie. Also given the kind of movies being released these days, it's a pretty decent watch. 

All in all, I would recommend watching this movie with family & friends and I can easily rate it 3.75/5 :)

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