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Book Review: Without You by Preethi Venugopala

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Title: Without You
Author: Preethi Venugopala
Publisher: Write India Publishers
Pages: 208
Price: Rs. 150
My Rating: 3/5

When Ananya, a bubbly twenty-year-old engineering student, reaches her Grandmother's house in Sreepuram on a month long vacation, romance is the last thing on her mind. However, she meets Dr. Arjun there and falls head over heels in love.

As it often happens, the path of true love never runs smooth. Circumstances force them apart even though they were madly in love. She becomes a victim of depression. When everything fails to return her to normalcy, help arrives from an unexpected source. Will she ever find happiness again? Will time allow her heart to heal and forget Arjun? What indeed is true love?

Travel with Ananya to the picturesque Sreepuram, face the chaos of Bengaluru, and relish the warmth of magical Dubai in this heart-warming tale of love, betrayal, friendship, and miracles.

I liked the title and cover to order up the book. Yes, we all sometimes do that but I am happy with the decision. The book is a pretty good read and it is written with deep and heart-felt emotions. The girl in the cover makes me realize how each one of us have suffered a heartbreak in one form or another.

The story revolves around Ananya who visits her grandmother. Her grandmother lives in a small town of Kerala called Sreepuram, and just to note, the description of beauty of this place really makes you want to visit it. We all have heard Kerala is heavenly, but the description kind of makes it real.
Ok, so coming back to plot, Ananya visits her grandma and meets Arjun, the love of her life. He is senior resident in medical college and is nothing less than a Greek God. They both fall in love and there is epic romance, but as they say, no love story is worth sharing if it doesn't have a tragedy associated to it and same is the case here. Due to confusions and unavoidable circumstances they are separated and Ananya is forced to live her life without the man she truly love and desires.
She never forgets and forgives him for what happened, however, some things are just meant to be.

The story is written beautifully with some unexpected twists and turns. I liked the way it flows and progresses and especially the end.

The characters tie up well together. The romance between Ananya and Arjun might remind of any old flings/relations you have had...

Overall, I liked it. I rate it 3/5. It would have been higher but the base of the story is similar to most romance novels out there. Well, if I come to think about, even the ones I write flow on the same pattern. Sigh!

Anyways, it's a pretty decent read and I am sure you would enjoy it like I did.

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