Sunday, 14 February 2016

9 Fun Ways To Celebrate V-Day

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Valentine's Day - the international love day. Although the western side of the world has been celebrating it for decades, it is now also gaining popularity in India. I still remember the days from my college when it was so frowned upon that the mere mention of it will cause chaos in your life but now everyone wishes it and celebrates it.

People usually plan and discuss what to do on V-Day and a lot of us are usually lost at the thought. Being romantic is so much more than candle light dinners that everyone suggest, It should be known that romance can be born right out of a single touch or spending time together. Below are some fun things that can be done on this special day - especially when it on a weekend.

  1. Take a long drive: Just the two of you. Being with nature, free from all worries and in company of your loved one can do so much more to your relation than anything else. Long drives to serene places can lift up your spirits and strengthen your relations
  2. Dance away: Dancing on your favourite tunes - not necessarily in a disco or a bar - can make your day. Put on your favourite songs on TV or music player and dance away with your beloved. The laughter and free spirit will make your day
  3. Shop your heart: Shopping is the easiest (but not the cheapest) way to make you happy. Instead of buying some gifts in advance, go on a shopping spree together and buy what your partner's heart desire. Nothing good than making your partner happy
  4. Perform on karaoke: Sing your heart in public and make your partner's day. Many people dedicate songs but the smile that 'you singing' will bring on your partner's face will be incredible - this of course when you are not a terrible and nerve damaging kind of singer
  5. Watch movies or favourite shows: Get cosy on your sofa and put on your favourite movie or show - preferably that brings back some very special memories
  6. Go Exotic - Cook at home: Cook your favourite meals at home 'together'. Unless you or your partner are a cranky cook, cooking meals together can be real fun. Do something exotic which you have never done before and bring back the charm of good food and laughter
  7. Do something naughty: Remember the naughtiest thing you have done together and take it a step ahead. Things like paint together and each other, eat together and off each other and etc. Think about them - can be fun
  8. Romantic getaway: Plan a romantic getaway to a place of your dreams. Nothing better than taking a small trip away from all problems and daily drama. If this is not perfect - nothing can be
  9. Be adventurous: Do something adventurous, go on hot balloon ride, scuba diving, horse-back riding, rock climbing etc. Whatever suits you and brings you together
Above were the few suggestions from my end. If you any more, please do share.

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Love and Cheers.


  1. Nice... I really liked the "naughty one" ;)

  2. Good ideas. Hope your valentine's day was happy

    1. Thanks. Yes it was
      Hope yours was good too :)



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