Tuesday, 9 February 2016

TWD: Can't wait to watch it

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The Walking Dead returns with second half of season 6 this Sunday and I can't wait to watch it. 

For those who watch it, you can understand the sentiment. The cliffhanger on which they left the first half of Season 6 was wow! I can't wait to see how they get out it this time. Although I am a little disappointed with how they ended with 'W' but new villain is intriguing. I hope they do pull "W" story a bit more. Don't want to put more spoilers here, so I will shut it :)

For those who have not watched it yet, OMG you are missing something awesome. Well, if you are scared of zombies and have a weak heart then yes you should skip it but otherwise it is a must watch show. Okay, you can claim that it is gross at some places but hey it has zombies, it is bound to be gross. But trust me once you have watched 2-3 episodes you will learn to avert your eyes at the right moments. Well, if you did watch first 2-3 episodes of the show, you won't be able to stop - Yes it is that good. What I really admire about it is the details with which they have perfected the zombies. Do you know they actually have a school where they teach actors to walk and growl like zombies? It's amazing.

As it is already clear from the title, the show is set in the post zombie apocalyptic world and it is about survival. It primarily revolves around a group of people and what's best is the way the characters are portrayed. Although they all belong to very different backgrounds, they care for each other, protect each other and even are willing to die for each other. Each season brings new challenge and each season takes it to the next level. It is safe to say - "wherever they go, all hell break loose".

The lead of the show is Andrew Lincoln and he does a good job. However at some places he loses it and really gets on your nerves but you can't blame him for that. It is the storyline and he definitely does a good job there. The other leads and my favorites are - Steven Yeun (Glenn) and Norman Reedus (Daryl), they are the life of the show. 

I once read in one of the reviews before "only walking dead can revolve an episode around only 2 characters and pull it off" and it is very true. Because it is based on survival, the writers and creators have went to great lengths to make it real. They have done a fabulous job, you can actually feel the pain and struggle and fear.

Overall, like I said before, it is a wonderful show and a must watch. I would highly recommend it. My only word of caution would be don't watch it all in one go, you will start getting nightmares for it can get real heavy on mind. 
Also, don't eat while you watch it, zombies, blood and food don't go - they didn't mix well with me at least.

I hope you like it  and enjoy it the way I do.

Cheers and Love.


  1. Thanks for the review. I agree, it plays on your mind if one watches it back to back..

  2. Thanks for the review Kriti


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