Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Some Super-Cool Beer Facts


I came across an article and couldn't help myself but share it's summary with everyone.
I personally hate beer [no offence to all drinking buddies] but it has really cool stories linked to it. The article I read had eleven unbelievable and interesting things linked to beer but here I am listing the ones that really intrigued me.

  • German engineer Carl Von Linde invented refrigerator because he wanted to keep his beer cool. You see, earlier people used ice blocks to keep it cool but it ruined the taste. So this clever engineer gave the world super cool refrigerator
  • When people made beer at home, it tasted different every time it was made. So this brewer, William Seally Gosset, who wanted his beer to taste same every time he made it, developed T-Test for measuring change in beer taste. Wasn't it super wise?

  • Carlsbery brewers wanted to monitor the fermentation of their beer and do so they invented Ph-Scale. Ph-scale specifies the acidity and alkalinity of a liquid and it is a very useful measure in modern science

  • Believe it or not but an English physicist James Joule who was also a brewer invented Mercury Thermometer so that he can work in perfect temperature and conditions. Brilliant wasn't he? I am sure there is no such house that does not keeps his creation

  • Egyptians liked their beer so much that they used it as a currency and a social symbol. Can you believe it?

Some other real cool facts are - gases like Oxygen, Carbon Di Oxide etc. were discovered while making beer. Long neck bottles were invented to serve beer.  Pasteurisation and the Germ Theory owes its discovery to beer. Agriculture Revolution happened because of beer. And last but not the least so many countries were discovered - all thanks to beer.

After reading so much about beer, the first that came to my mind was - "Daru ke liye sala kuch bhi karega" [translation: a man would do anything for his booze]. Don't you feel the same?

Anyway, I am not sure if this is true or not but if it is, we owe a SUPER BIG THANKS to beer.

The original article is posted here.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and are impressed just like I am :)

Love and Cheers


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