Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Mayor of 'Crazy'


The incidence took place couple of years ago when we went to “play with the cubs”
Yes, you read it right, ‘cubs’. It is a unique experience which is provided in ‘Lion and Rhino Park’ in Johannesburg. The park is beautifully made and wild animals roam around in a safe and contained environment. You won’t believe if I told you that a Lion actually shitted right behind our car. Yes, I was very scared when it passed us but no harm done J

Anyway, we went into the “kid’s zone” where they keep all the cubs. They allow the cubs to play with people till they are six months old, after that age they are taken out and taken to ‘no-human’ contact zone. The cubs available to play were white lion, African lion, Bengal cheetah, tigers etc. The Bengal Tiger was the most naughty one so I decided to play with him – “you are not to get naughty with him like you get with me” my husband teased and I laughed so hard that even cubs were startled.

The instructor scolded me for my behaviour as I entered the cage. “You don’t want them to startle, they will eat you” he warned me but it only made me laugh harder. Usually when I so relaxed, happy and in company with my husband, I lose it.

“Is she crazy?” instructor asked my husband, “oh you have no idea. She is the mayor of ‘crazy’” he laughed after me.
As we stepped in I felt a rush of adrenaline pump through my veins. The cage had two white lion cubs and one Bengal tiger and they were immensely cute. We played with them for ten minutes in which we patted them, shook they claws, stroked them and held them in our arms. The naughty one i.e. Bengal tiger didn't even let us tough him, he only growled when I raised my hand to him. Scared of losing my limb I ignored him. As we spent our time with white lion cubs, suddenly Bengal tiger got jealous – or what instructor said – and leapt on my leg.

“Mummy-mummy-mummy” I yelled, laughed and fell down on all my fours and the elegant cat rested on my leg. My husband, though scared of my well-being, started laughing and teasing me for my candid behaviour. The instructor helped me by pulling away the cub but as I stood up the cub grabbed my jeans with his paw. As I standing with help of my husband the jeans tore on my thigh and my decent jeans converted into a latest fashion style.

Laughing and yelling I stepped out of the cage – and while the instructor was worried about the tetanus injection that I have to take, I was smiling on the beautiful memory that we just made.

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 Love and Cheers,

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