Monday, 6 July 2015

LAUGHTER indeed is the best medicine... - A Success Story


"I am very independent & confident person and many times come across too strong. My manager is one of those who is exceptionally good at work but weak in interpersonal skills. 
All the time when I was working with her she ignored me because we couldn't interact properly. Many people said I intimidate her, but that was the last thing I wanted to do, I loved my job and day-by-day I was feeling my days here are over... 
However when I read section on 'Staying calm' in Manage your Manager book I realized the problem and with the help of 'Smile & Laughter' I was able to calm myself and eventually the relationship between me and my manager improved. Later she once did ask me, what changed me, and all I thought was 'I learnt how to manage my Manager' Thanks for your support" ~~~ from a reader of Manage your Manager book

I got the biggest smile on my face after reading the above message. It always gives me immense pleasure to see how one book can help people in their respective worlds.

My friends, don't you think that many times if we had our head in place the situation would have turned out completely different? Or if you hadn't said something, you might have saved a relation? I am sure the answer is 'yes', I too have made a lot of mistakes like this and similarly have you. But I think its high time that we  are always letting anger and other issues come in way of our happiness. I believe if we take control of our feelings and emotions. If we can think before acting or speaking, nothing will go wrong. And the best way to control your emotions is by staying calm and SMILE

The concept of 'smile and laughter' doesn't just work in professional life but also in every aspect of our lives. So why don't we take charge and SMILE all our worries away.

I am attaching the snapshot of the book on Laughter which the reader shared with me. 

And also, my special thanks for the reader for sharing his valuable experience and allowing me to share it with the world...

Happy Managing
Ana Xx
(Close friend of Author of Manage your Manager book)

Disclaimer: Ana wants to share some success stories of her friend's book (in which she actively participated). We are providing a platform to publish some success stories.

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