Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Is Booze the only Spirit of the Party?

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I remember the time when the life of the party were people but today its just one thing, Booze or in very sophisticated terms Alcohol or so-called Recreational drinks and socializing. Even when you Google party, the first option in images is 'Alcohol', interesting, isn't it?
I find it very strange and it's a concept I find very difficult to wrap my head around. Only recently we went to a small holiday in Lonavala - for the record Lonavala is one place to go during rains, although the place turns into heaven during rains, we couldn't do much of sight seeing because of booze. During the travel we saw a bit of this place, everything was so green and so serene. I loved the small waterfalls everywhere and light rains. The cold wind runs a calm within you... 
Anyways, coming back from my digression, we were a large group and we hired a bus as a transport. For almost an hour people were quiet, well I am the quiet one, for others to be was a little strange and the moment people got beer in their hands everything changed, not just boys (as in normal image of India), girls too. They were laughing and talking. The people whom I have never known were singing, talking, making jokes and actually having fun. It was a pleasant site because now there was a spark in the air.  Everyone was enjoying. I am not judging anyone here, everyone has their own free will but felt it kind of disturbing yet inspiring. Being an introvert, I now know how to be in a party... Well if this is how you socialize, so be it, and after 2 small drinks and being a little tipsy, I actually did.

Anyhow, I don't really know when everything changed so dramatically. If I recall, couple of years ago when we went out with colleagues things that lightened up the mood were things like Housie (bingo in other words), Antakshari (i.e. Singing songs), playing small games and talking, a lot of talking. But now everything has changed. People don't talk unless they have a bottle or a glass in their hands. The sole motivation of participation (for many people) is an incentive drink.

If this is happening to Gen Y, I wonder what Gen Z will do? They will never know games like charades or bingo. They will go out, drink up their life, dance and party all night. I don't want to dwell in after-party aspect.

All this makes me wonder, are we missing the essence of life? Is this happening everywhere or is this just Mumbai and other big cities. I really hope this is just here and not in rest of India, yes we all hope for India to progress and all small cities to be as happening and advanced like Mumbai, but I don't think this is what we want. 

But what can I say, no one can do anything with respect to how society progresses. Only thing that we can do is pray, May God bless us and especially Bless Our Children.

Till then
Take Care

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