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Terminator Genisys Movie: My Reviews and thoughts

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I was really excited when we got the tickets, but now I have mixed feelings. Honestly not sure if I liked it or not.
Umm what I want to say is that yes it is good but not at par with the expectations. 

The movie starts with futuristic view where the usual machines are controlling and dominating human kind and then Kyle Reese double back to past in order to save Sarah Conner. However, there is major twist here. The timeline has altered and the Sarah Conner, that we saw in Terminator's first instalment, is not the same. Instead she is brave soldier, a protégé of a terminator himself. She doesn't need Kyle's protection, she is capable of protecting him instead.
The movie works in multiple timelines where the past, as we know from previous parts, has changed completely and the saviour of the human race is now the saviour of machine's race. Honestly it is a little confusing, also it does not resonates well. I am sure most people who have watched the latest part will say the same.

In terms of characters, no doubts we all waited to see Arnold Schwarzenegger. Man, he is around 67 and still can do epic job in action movies. We also have our Game of Thrones favourite Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) in the movie, she play Sarah Conner and she too did a fine job. Jason Clarke plays John Conner and Jai Courtney played Kyle Reese. In terms of acting all did a 10 on 10 job, however for me Arnie and Khaleesi stole the show.

The graphics are brilliant and 3D effects are cool. Only if they had not modified the plot so much, it would have been the movie of the year...

My rating 3.5/5 for Arnie, Khaleesi and awesome graphics & effects

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