Sunday, 24 January 2016

Book Review: My 200 Pound Diary


Title: My 200 Pound Diary
Author: Sreya Vaidyan
Publisher: Write India
Pages: 200
Price: Rs. 125
My Rating: 3/5

'My 200 Pound Diary' is a collection of anecdotes that have inspired the author in the course of her life. Humorous, engaging, and touching; the book takes you through 35 real-life incidents. It gives you a fun outlook at some of life's complicated issues, without trivializing them. The funny and touching stories end with observations that make you smile, realizing that it's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary

I won this book in a give away hosted on Goodreads and I am not disappointed. The book is a non-fiction and it highlights some key moments of author's life.

The book comprises of many stories that make up author as she is now. Each story is written in smart and witty fashion. You can actually feel what she felt in each story - some are hilarious and some are real touchy. And they are quick reads which makes it even more fun. The message that author has beautifully stated through her book is that 'life is precious and we should not take it way too seriously'. Everything happens at its own pace and we should give it  time.
Another thing I really enjoyed was the relation that author has with her family. It so much reminded me of my own time :)

Things that I didn't like are just a few. It is a little too feminine and I felt it was slightly harsh at few points. Also, the flow could have been better. I could not understand why, all of a sudden, there was a mention of her friend's divorce? It took me off track.
And also, there were some grammatical mistakes, which I am sure author will correct in her next edition.

All in all, I enjoyed reading the book and by the end of it I felt kind of empowered.

If you have not grabbed a copy, you can grab one from this link.

Hope my review helps :)


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