Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sense8: One hell of a show

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PS: The post contain some spoilers... not many but yes, a few :)

Sense8 is a science fiction drama web television series aired directly on Netflix and it is one hell of show.

The show revolves around eight strangers from across the globe and are connected in their minds, mentally and emotionally. They are referred to as 'sensates' in the show, hence the name Sense8. Imagine that one fine day you are not alone in your head and there is not just one but seven other people sharing your thoughts and feelings - sounds kind of creepy isn't it? But in the show it has been beautifully depicted. 

The places to which these eight strangers belong to are Nairobi, Seoul, San Francisco, Chicago, New Mexico, Berlin, London and our beloved Mumbai. These are total strangers who suddenly start to live together in each other heads. The way they start having visions, the way  they start to accept each other and even get closer is wonderful. In some places you can actually feel what these sensates feel. Well, I don't want to dwell into it, you should watch it to know more.

The actors especially the sensates have done a fabulous job, my personal favourites are Max Riemelt (the Berlin guy) and Miguel Ángel Silvestre (the New Mexico guy). The girl from Mumbai is played by Tina Desai and she has done fine job as well. In recurrence we have Anupan Kher and Purab Kohli from India and they add a nice touch. Don't want to add too many spoilers but in a scene Purab Kohli dances on "tujhme rub dikhta hai" Indian song and it is hilarious... All Indians should watch that... 

The cinematography is amazing and I guess it is one of only shows which is set across eight countries and they all marvellously distributed. The script writing is good too - the dialogues suit each of the country's cultures.

All in all, if you get a chance to watch it, do give it a try. But be careful, do not watch it with kids for it has some serious adult content in it.

I hope you enjoy the show as well.

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