Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Airlift Movie: A tragedy well portrayed

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The movie of the year (so far) is Airlift. Given it is inspired by real incidences from Kuwait-Iraq war, the plot is not a surprise however having said that, it has been portrayed amazingly covering gory details and one can feel it was a terrible time for everyone (well except Iraqis).

The movie revolves around how the Indians, stuck in Kuwait at the time, suffered and survived the attack, The Iraqis armies invaded their homes and they resisted and managed. It also demonstrates the level of politics that has seeped in everywhere and how a government cares so less of its citizens (talking about both countries here, Kuwait and India). Yes, in the end all Indians do come back but you can see the struggle and pain of a common man to make that happen. What surprises me is that Air India did such a noble and commendable job in 1990s and no one mentions it or remembers it. It is a shame!

As we all know, Akshay Kumar is lead of the movie and after his deadly Singh is Bling movie he was due for a good one. His acting is exceptional and no one could have done a better job than him. Don't want to talk about the female lead, it was kind of a weird role. The acting of other people is also good & worth praising. The one actor who really stands out is Prakash Belawadi, he played the role of a cynical old man who is nothing but a complainer. His acting is up to such perfection that you yourself feel like slapping him for all his nuisance - it is commendable.

In terms of cinematography it is fine. Given the plot and motto of movie nothing great was expected.

Overall movie was too good however I am bit disappointed with the ending. The evacuation - the actual 'airlift' happened in a flick. The ending is very disrupt and could have been made much better.

My rating to the movie is 4/5

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy it too.

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