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Manufacture More Time In One Day @ Work

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"Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose." – Thomas Edison

Sitting around & wasting time results in nothing but failure. And most people these days wish for more than 24hrs a day? Or they feel they could have done extra or more if they had additional time. But it doesn't work that way, time is one constant that is fixed for everyone and it should always be used optimally.

If asked, how will you differentiate between people who are successful from people who usually hold this wishful thinking? The answer is very simple, successful people strategize; they utilize their time perfectly which makes them more efficient and successful. The struggle of inefficiency and unavailability of time is very common these days.  However, overcoming them is not as hard as climbing Mount Everest. Below are some words of the wise, and following them will have a good impact on your professional life. 

1. Make a to-do list every day & avoid multitasking
“One of the secrets of getting more done is to make a to-do list every day, keep it visible, and use it as a guide to action as you go through the day.” ~ Jean De La Fontaine

It is scientifically proven that people with to-do list are more effective and efficient than those who don’t have one. The reason is very simple; to-do list helps you prioritize and keeps you focused. A person’s mind can work only in certain capacity and juggling between tasks reduces efficiency. With a to-do list in hand, you won’t jump from one topic to another within seconds; instead you finish one, mark it off the list and move to the next. Also, ticking off things from the to-do list provides a great sense of accomplishment and achievement

2. Prioritize
“You need to prioritize. If you can't get to everything or do everything, that's okay.” ~ Julie Chen

Learning to prioritize is crucial; juggling between multiple tasks results in completion of none. There will always be important and urgent things in your list but know that, all urgent things are not important. Starting your day with prioritization of to-do list is equivalent to winning half the battle.
Also, in everyday working you will face circumstances when more than one task is urgent and important. In such cases don’t spread yourself too thin, instead take the tough call and prioritize, and if need be, loop your seniors for support and assistance

3. Start with the most complicated task first
“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.” ~ Theodore Isaac Rubin

There are people with opinion that starting off with easy tasks keeps you motivated throughout the day. Though it is true in some cases, it is not recommended. Anyone who desires to accomplish more in the designated 24 hours have a golden rule: Always start with the most complicated tasks in the morning. There are many good reasons to do that, just to state a few: you are fresh, calm and active in the mornings in comparison to the afternoons. Afternoons are usually surrounded with lethargy, stress and anxiousness to go home. Also it should be noted that working on complicated tasks with calm mind results in quick and better solutions. And once such tasks are ticked-off the remaining day opens up for other options.

4. Learn to say ‘No’
“Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.” ~Josh Billings

You will always be required to do additional tasks, but whether you have band-width to accept them, depends on you. The art of being successful starts with the art of saying ‘No’.  Saying ‘yes’ is easy and it keeps everyone happy; everyone except you. Work that falls beyond a person’s capacity is always error-prone, stressful and less efficient. Also, it doesn’t let you honour the commitment to your existing tasks as well. Hence, learn to say no, and witness the fruitful outputs.

5. Delegate
“Focus On Your Strengths, Delegate Your Weaknesses” ~ Lorraine Pirihi

While you may feel you need to do everything yourself, it is actually not the case. Organisations don’t run based on individual performances; instead they are successful because of team work. Every successful person knows that he/she cannot master everything and because they cannot master it, they hire masters for it. 
Whenever something comes up that either doesn’t fall in your knowledge capacity or in your schedule, delegate it. Where accepting tasks with either no knowledge or bandwidth affects you negatively, delegation works in opposite way. It allows you to focus on task at hand and helps you be more effective in one day…

6. Stick to your schedule especially during meetings
“Meetings get a bad rap, and deservedly so - most are disorganized and distracted. But they can be a critical tool for getting your team on the same page. ~ Justin Rosenstein”

If you have a schedule, then stick to it. Where meetings are very crucial for the business, they are also considered a waste of time. Following the schedule is very crucial because one diversion can drag your meetings forever. Also, off-topic discussions don’t serve the purpose of the whole exercise. Hence, to be effective, have a schedule for the meeting and always stick to it 

The above points are the holy-grail of being efficient and successful. They don’t just help you in manufacture more time at work but they also help strike appropriate balance between your personal and professional life. 
Reading above may seem easy at first but their application (especially saying ‘no’) gets real challenging in everyday scenario. However always remember Rome was not built in one day and every success requires the first step in the right direction. Following these rules religiously and with due-diligence is your first step towards that thousand mile journey that will only end in your success and happiness

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  1. Great one, especially the learn-to-say-no - that solves so many unnecessary headaches!

    1. Hi Priyanka,
      I am glad you found it helpful. Please do keep stopping by :)


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